Tatical Vehicle Applications

Approximately 60 percent of the cost of Skydex Crew Mat with demonstrably greater energy absorption.  Protect Vehicle Mat weighs less than half that of a Sydex, and absorbs twice as much energy at the same thickness as supported by simulated blast test data  at MGA Research. Proteckt Crew Mat has passed USMC blast testing for MRAP Solicitation M67854-11-R-5012. Can be quickly produced to specified requirements. Proteckt is height scalable and geometry can be modified and “tuned” to platform for addition mitigation.  Proteckt can be combined with a layer of fragments / spall containment for additional protection for HMMWV and HMMWV recap cabs. Meets FMVSS302 and BSS 7239.

Currently Vehicle Ready Blast Mat Kits are Available for:

HET A0 UIK up armored Army

File:HET tractor.jpg

A1P2 FMTV UIK up armored Army B Pillar Head Protection and Floor Mats

LVSR UIK up armored Marines Full Kit or Gunners Mat.

MRAP MaxxPro Dash Base and Plus, Buffalo