Proteckt™ Energy Absorbing foams (EA), developed by Texas Research Institute (TRI), are innovative, high-performing foam appliques designed to provide soldiers with superior cabin protection in tactical vehicles. The Proteckt™ System is cost effective and lightweight, and can be custom designed for any tactical vehicle needing improved safety and protection. Placed in the interior cabin of HMMWVs, FMTVS, and other tactical vehicles, the Proteckt™ energy absorbing system has the ability to significantly reduce fatal injuries.

Floor Blast Mats

Proteckt™ Floor Blast Mats combines a lightweight, semi-rigid proprietary omni-directional multi impact capable energy absorbing system with a highly durable strain rate sensitive non-slip polymer coating. Proteckt™ is optimized to provide both low and high impulse protection to occupants resulting in a lower Revised Tibia Index (RTI) values at both load cases verses our competitors. Additionally, Proteckt™ provides energy dissipation to occupants lower extremities when impacted in both shear and in compression modes that are encountered during real world vehicle underbody blasts. Proteckt™ passes FMVSS302, BSS 7239 and qualified for use on MRAP M67854-11-F-5012 program.

Head/Injury Protection

Proteckt™ Head and Body energy dissipating appliqués are completely independent panels that can be inserted into military ground vehicles with minimal space claims or interior modifications. These appliqués are attached to B pillars, doors, lower dash, and interior underside roof sections to provide head and body protection during vehicle blast, crash and rollover events. Proteckt™ Head and Body appliqués have been installed in A1P2 FMTV and have passed FMVSS 201u and FMVSS 208 (30 mph side impact) and have been proven to reducing head, neck and upper body injuries even if occupants are utilizing 4-pt seat belt restraints. Proteckt™ appliqués pass FMVSS302 and BSS 7239.

Upcoming Developments

Geometrically optimized to further improves the performance at thicknesses greater than two inches. Addition of a floor side spall liner for tactical vehicles lacking high performance under body blast protection.